2013 Nathan C Bailey

Nathan Bailey's artwork is a merging and integration of mixed media.  He is a triple-threat of talent... combining photography, painting and sculpture.  With each piece, he takes on the role of visionary, designer, architect, and manufacturer, leaving nothing to chance and everything to evolution.

He is able to see the charm in the smallest moments of life, nature, and architecture, then capture it in film, and translate it to a work that leaves the viewer visually pleased and instantly enthralled by the process.  His material knowledge is vast, enabling him to incorporate oil, acrylic, wax, ink, metals, and resin into each piece upon necessity.  To have one of his creations, is to truly have a work of art.

He was exposed to the art world at an early age.  He studied at the prestigious Ringling School of Art and Design, winning many awards, and selling art and portraiture to put himself through college.

He graduated with a BA in Illustration, with a minor in both Photography and Sculpting.

Nathan lived in Savannah, Georgia after college, where he worked with local art galleries, as well as both the Landings and Savannah Art Associations, became a curator for many downtown restaurants, and taught figurative drawing and painting.

Since 1999, he has resided in Atlanta, Georgia as a full-time artist.  His work can be found in many corporate and private collections and numerous art galleries worldwide.

Whether it is painting, sculpture, music, or film, Nathan's focus in on creation.